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Vision, Mission & Core values


Our Mission statement:

  • To be an owner of integrated shipping companies and develop these into leaders in their fields.

  • To be an preferred partner and investor seeking long term sustainable returns

  • To grow the businesses and together create value through customer focus, innovation and operational excellence

KGJS core values

We regard our core values as the building blocks of our company culture. These are as follows:


We will strive to deliver our services with a quality- and professional standard.  We need highly competent and knowledgeable people to achieve operational excellence.


We will act responsibly, ethically and trustworthy in all activities we do whether it be towards colleagues, customers, suppliers, the society or the environment. Our people need to be accountable for the decisions that are made.

Open minded

We are doing business in a fast changing environment and we need to be constantly open minded to consider new opportunities and ideas.  We shall not be stuck in ”old” ways of doing things and we need to have this in mind when we evaluate new opportunities, ourselves, our processes and actions.


We are working together to reach our common goals.  This applies within the Kristian G. Jebsen Group, within each business and each department.  We also need to work with our customers and suppliers to provide high quality value added services. As a team/group we can achieve more than we can do individually.


We want to encourage the development of new business ideas and ventures, and be open minded and have courage to assume the risk of a new business, concept or enterprise.


We are dynamic and will strive to improve and develop better products and services to the benefit of our customers so that we continually create value. We cannot stand still.  We must always try to do better and improve.